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"ECOLIERS du MONDE" is a 1901 association, directed by a board committee of 18 members who have meetings 2 or 3 times a year. Within this board committee an executive committee of 8 members is elected who meet at least every month.
Since January 25, 2020, the Management has been held by a co-chair of 3 people.

All of the elected members are voluntary members. In the countries where the association is present, local correspondents allow us to keep in permanent contact with the children and to follow through local projects.

In close collaboration with school headmasters/headmistresses, the correspondents let us know of children in a difficult situation needing help with their schooling. They also pay the schooling fees and are in charge of the local management of the associations projects.
Distribution of activities

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Executive committee meeting
co-Chairman: Marc Fouilleul - Chatal Magaud - Beatrice Thore
Treasurer: Chantal Magaud
Secretary: Marie-Madeleine Durand
Assistant secretary: Martine Fouilleul
Demonstrations: Evelyne Berliat
Communication : Marie-Annick Vandamme
external communication and Web Site: Claude Loschi from board commitee
They come from four different sources:

- sponsoring: one person or a group of people decide to pay the association an annual sum which corresponds to a child s schooling
- donations
- membership fees
- the sales of Nepalese handicraft

The money from sales and donations is used to pay schooling or to complete sponsors and also to finance different actions such as teacher training or buying pedagogical material.

The membership fees are used to pay the running costs of the association (stamps, leaflets)
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